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    Benefits of using skip bags

    January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017

Benefits of using skip bags

Benefits using skip bags

You may have noticed that over recent years there has been an increasing number of bulk or skip bags on driveways, gardens and sites across the country. The rise in their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are more convenient than renting a large metal skip, people see a skip bag as being far less permanent.

Skip bags are also often easier to collect, a skip bag can be positioned anywhere as long as the area is free of obstacles, has no overhead cables and is within reach of the arm used on our grab lorries.

Another reason why individuals and businesses choose to use a skip bag is because it is a great way to reduce costs and increase recycling rates as it allows certain waste types to be segregated from a higher priced mixed waste container. For example, customers will often opt for individual bags for plasterboard, garden and inert waste.

If you are unsure whether to choose a small skip or a skip bag, read our ‘mini skips vs skip bags’ article to find out more!

What are skip bags used for?

Our skip bags are primarily used for small waste clearance projects, being filled with waste that is then collected by us. As well as the waste collection service, AMS Bulk Bag can also offer the delivery of a various primary, recycled and decorative aggregates.

The aggregates we deliver include:

Types of waste collection in our skip bags

The AMS Bulk Bag waste collection service is available for a number of different waste streams including clean concrete waste, general waste, green waste, inert waste and plasterboard waste. If you require information about the specificity of our waste streams, our friendly team can help you. Call us on 01202 810935.

Can I order a skip bag?

The skip bag waste collection aggregate delivery services from AMS Bulk Bag are available throughout the BH postcode areas.

If you would like to arrange either of the above, please contact our team on 01202 810935.

Service update - we are operatingCoronavirus pandemic

AMS Bag Services and Avon Material Supplies Ltd remain operational. However, our capacity is currently limited and therefore we are advising all clients to book their required services as early as possible and to be aware that some of our skip bag services (waste collection and aggregate deliveries) are now taking up to ten days to be completed.