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    We collect all skip bags!

    April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

We collect all skip bags!

AMS Bulk Bag waste collection service

Did you know that to benefit from our skip bag collection service, you don’t necessarily have to have an AMS Bulk Bag filled with waste?

If you have been using skip/builder’s bags or bulk bags from other suppliers, we are more than happy to help with your site clearance project by removing their bags filled with your waste. *Please note the bag must be in a suitable condition to be safely lifted and transported. To check if your existing skip bag is suitable, please contact our customer services team on 01202 810935.

Skip bags that we collect

On a daily basis, we collect skip bags filled with waste from all over BH postcode areas. The different brands we collect include:

  • Hippo Bag collection
  • Rhino Bags
  • Bag-it

If you need to arrange a skip bag collection from any of the above suppliers, contact us on 01202 810935 today.

Separate waste streams in skip bags

We recommend each individual skip bag should be filled with separate waste streams, this makes the process more cost effective and helps to increase recycling rates. The waste streams that are normally segregated from general waste are clean concrete waste, garden waste, inert/rubble/brick waste and plasterboard waste.

As long as your waste is properly separated and contained within a skip bag that is safe to collect and transport, we can collect it regardless of the brand. Hippo Bag collection, Rhino Bag collection or Bag-it collection, we can deal with all sorts of skip bags!

Positioned for collection

You must ensure that your skip bags are positioned appropriately so that we can collect them. We complete skip bag collections on grab lorries that have extendable arms, meaning we can reach over certain obstacles such as fences. For more details contact our team or see the grab lorry reach article on Avon Material Supplies.

Please note: Try not to position your skip bags too near any overhead cables! Also, we strongly recommend you don’t try to move a skip bag once you have begun loading it.

Contact AMS Bulk Bag for waste clearance

If you are a business, an individual or a tradesperson in Bournemouth, Poole or other BH postcode areas, you can benefit from the AMS Bulk Bag waste collection service. Contact our friendly team today on 01202 810935 to learn more about our skip bag collection and other services.

Service update - we are operatingCoronavirus pandemic

AMS Bag Services and Avon Material Supplies Ltd remain operational. However, our capacity is currently limited and therefore we are advising all clients to book their required services as early as possible and to be aware that some of our skip bag services (waste collection and aggregate deliveries) are now taking up to ten days to be completed.