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    Dispose of your Christmas Trees with AMS Bulk Bag

    November 27, 2017

November 27, 2017

Dispose of your Christmas Trees with AMS Bulk Bag

Christmas Tree Collection Service in Dorset

Like most people in Dorset, we’re sure you’ll be looking forward to collecting your Christmas tree this festive season. Once decorated and surrounded by presents, these trees become a centre piece in households throughout December. But once the presents are gone and we move into 2018, disposing of your tree may be an added hassle you could do without.

According to the Daily Echo, Bournemouth Council have announced that they will no longer be collecting Christmas trees this winter and therefore many locals may be stuck on how to dispose of their trees.

Luckily residents in Bournemouth and surrounding areas can use the services of AMS Bulk Bag and our sister brand, Commercial Recycling to easily dispose of and recycle their trees.

AMS Bulk Bag Christmas tree waste collection and recycling

Our waste bags are hard-wearing, durable and can hold up to one tonne of waste; making them a perfect fit for a redundant Christmas tree!  With the normal household refuse collection service reduced over the festive period, rather than having bulging bins, you can also use the skip bag for all your extra waste.

Arranging the collection of your Christmas tree

Simply order one of our empty AMS Bulk Bags and when you want to get rid of your tree you can chop it up and place it in the bag with any other unwanted items you wish to dispose of. Ahead of time, you can order the collection of the AMS Bulk Bag from any address in the BH postcode area online at: www.easy-bag.co.uk.

Our mixed waste collection service starts from £70.00. To see areas we cover please visit our website.

To purchase your AMS Bulk Bag and order collection, click here.

Canford Recycling Centre

Alternatively, if you have a contractor or tradesperson to collect your waste already, they can dispose with us at our Canford Recycling Centre. Our centre, which offers easy access and low-cost disposal costs, is only a short drive from Bournemouth.

Learn more about our Commercial Recycling’s Canford Centre here.

For all other enquiries, please get in touch with our team on 01202 810935.

Service update - we are operatingCoronavirus pandemic

AMS Bag Services and Avon Material Supplies Ltd remain operational. However, our capacity is currently limited and therefore we are advising all clients to book their required services as early as possible and to be aware that some of our skip bag services (waste collection and aggregate deliveries) are now taking up to ten days to be completed.