Filling a skip bag

Skip Bags from AMS Bag Services are a great alternative to traditional skip hire, especially for small household and garden waste clearance jobs or construction sites with limited space or access.

To get started, simply order an empty skip bag(s) and AMS Bag Services will deliver the bag directly to you. *Please note this service is only available in BH postcode areas.

Using a skip bag

Firstly unpack the skip bag and open up the four corners to ensure the bag is free standing and fully opened. Once the initial set up process is completed simply fill the bag with waste like you would with a skip.

Accepted waste types in AMS Skip Bags include; household waste, garden waste, builders waste, plasterboard, inert spoils and clean concrete.

Please note skip bags cannot be used to store or transport hazardous, chemical or liquid wastes. If you would like further information on accepted waste types please contact our friendly team on 01202 810935.

Our best tips on how to fill a skip bag:

  • Position your bag correctly before you begin to fill it. Once filling has begun it can become extremely difficult to move the bag due to its increased weight
  • Break bigger items down as much as possible
  • Place any dirt or soil at the bottom of the bag to bulk it out
  • Make sure that you keep pulling the sides up as you fill to ensure that you get as much as possible in the bag to achieve maximum value for your money
  •  Do not overfill the skip bag

Other useful information

  • Skip bags should not be placed on a public right of way. If you do need to put a skip bag on a public highway or pavement, you must contact the local council to arrange for a suitable permit to be issued before placing the bag (an additional fee will apply)
  • Skip bags are collected by AMS Bag Services in the BH postcode area only
  • Skips bags are removed at collection and not returned
  • AMS Skip Bag collections are carried out within 5 working days of a collection request
  • All (permitted) collected waste in transported to a local recycling centre for processing
  • AMS Bag Services can collect filled skip bags from other suppliers such as Hippo Bags

Further information on skip bags from AMS Bag Services

For more information or to arrange a collection of a skip bag, please contact our friendly team on 01202 810935.