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    Should I choose a skip bag or mini skip?

    March 18, 2016

March 18, 2016

Should I choose a skip bag or mini skip?

Waste disposal services – Mini skips vs skip bags

Which is the best option when it comes to small household and garden waste removal; 2 yard (mini) skips or skip bags?

This is a common dilemma faced by people renovating and clearing properties all over the world.

Whilst skips are well known and often chosen for bigger waste removal tasks, skip bags, also referred to as Hippo or Rhino bags, are a more instant and versatile alternative for the smaller jobs.

AMS Bulk Bag specialise in the supply and collection of skip bags, which with the ability to hold up to 1 tonne of waste, are ideal for less significant amounts of waste.

In our opinion there are a number of reasons why skip bags are superior to their more solid 2 yard ‘mini skip’ rivals.

Comparing the costs

The price of mini skip rental can vary depending on how long you wish to use it for and where you rent it from, the choice is vast and can be overwhelming. Also if you have nowhere suitable for siting a skip and its has to be placed on a public road or path you will be required to gain a permit from your local council, an unwelcome additional cost (https://www.gov.uk/apply-skip-permit).

Did you know – Easy ‘Skip’ bags do not have a set hire duration and they can be placed in gardens which make them easier to position then a metal skip.

The AMS Bulk Bag pricing is simple; just purchase an empty bag and select the waste type collection you require, or if you already have an AMS Bulk Bag you only have to pay for the collection!

We think knowing exactly how much and when you have to pay can allow you to budget effectively which can be particularly crucial when undertaking renovation projects.

Environmental impact

AMS Bulk Bags are available for clean concrete, general waste, green waste, inert waste and plasterboard waste. Separating the waste in this way makes the process more environmentally friendly and allows businesses to adhere to pre treatment legislation.

Also, no matter what task you’re undertaking, by selecting AMS Bulk Bag collection service you can be safe in the knowledge that your waste will be disposed of responsibly and professionally at a specialist local waste recycling centre.

The convenient solution

2 yard skips, being rather small, are often not readily available when you may need them immediately. AMS Bulk Bag always have a large amount of skip bags ready for customers to use, and when you fill the bag just give us a call and we’ll come and take it away.

Skip bags can also be collected over obstacles such as walls or fences, as long as it’s within reach of our grab lorry, for more information please call 01202 810935.

AMS Bulk Bags don’t have to be left in a certain location, as is often the case with skips, which can make your clearance task significantly easier!

Skip bags are starting to gain popularity, and rightfully so; they are easily attainable, versatile and perfect for small-scale clearing tasks.

Easy by name and easy by nature; AMS Bulk Bag truly is an effortless waste removal solution!

If you wish to organise a waste collection service from AMS Bulk Bag click here.

Did you know? We also collect filled skip bags / bulk bags from other suppliers such as Hippo, Bag-it and Rhino Bag. If you would like to find out more about AMS Bulk Bag waste collections and aggregate deliveries click here.

Service update - we are operatingCoronavirus pandemic

AMS Bag Services and Avon Material Supplies Ltd remain operational. However, our capacity is currently limited and therefore we are advising all clients to book their required services as early as possible and to be aware that some of our skip bag services (waste collection and aggregate deliveries) are now taking up to ten days to be completed.