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    Use AMS Bulk Bag for Plasterboard Disposal

    December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016

Use AMS Bulk Bag for Plasterboard Disposal

Plasterboard Disposal Rules

The legislation regarding plasterboard disposal means that it must be disposed of separately from other waste types.

Although plasterboard is not classified as a hazardous waste, in 2009 The Environment Agency ruled that it must be segregated and treated separately. Learn more on the gov.uk website.

AMS Bulk Bag offer a compliant plasterboard waste collection service throughout the BH postcode area. Our plasterboard disposal skip bag service is a convenient and affordable way for individuals and businesses to legally dispose of their gypsum waste.

Plasterboard disposal bags by AMS Bulk Bag

Plasterboard disposal bags are great for individuals and businesses. The benefits of choosing our plasterboard disposal bags include:

  • Easy way to separate waste onsite or at home
  • Mobility of waste
  • Skip bags are easier to locate on private property
  • Bulk bags are easy to collect from sites or homes with limited access and/or space
  • No maximum hire period
  • Compliant with all appropriate legislation

Not to mention, the service we operate is cheaper and easier than hiring a skip.

How our plasterboard collection service works

Purchase an empty AMS Bulk Bag from our website and once your order is completed, the skip bag will be delivered to your specified BH postcode.

When delivered, simply fill the bulk bag with all your plasterboard disposal waste and then contact our friendly team to arrange a convenient collection.

Our plasterboard bulk bag collection is available in Bournemouth, Poole and other BH postcode areas.

What happens to the plasterboard waste?

Collected bags are transported to an appropriate recycling centre such as Canford Recycling Centre. The plasterboard waste is then bulk stored prior to being taken by a specialist 3rd party for recycling.

Order your plasterboard waste bag

Order your bag with us online or over the phone by calling our friendly team on 01202 810935.

Service update - we are operatingCoronavirus pandemic

AMS Bag Services and Avon Material Supplies Ltd remain operational. However, our capacity is currently limited and therefore we are advising all clients to book their required services as early as possible and to be aware that some of our skip bag services (waste collection and aggregate deliveries) are now taking up to ten days to be completed.